Losing Half Yourself - CYM13 - Jeremy Reid - Ashley Javar

November 16, 2017

Life after losing literally HALF your total body weight isn't easy. Special Guest Ashley Javar (@transforming_me702) shares her story about life at her heaviest and the journey in only 14 months to lose 140lbs naturally. Learn from her, be motivated by her story and leave inspired to create your own amazing outcome. 

About Host Jeremy Reid (@JeremyReidFitness):
I am a professional transformation coach who has fought the battle all my clients face. After losing 130lbs naturally I became incredibly passionate about helping others. Certified in personal training, nutrition, strategic intervention and life coaching I use my experience and schooling to help others make tremendous changes to not only their physique but their entire life. For more information on my coaching services or fitness programs visit: http://JeremyReidFitness.com

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Intro: FELMAX – Chapel
Outro: Panda Eyes - Radiate

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